Common Sense Not Needed by Corrie Ten Boom

Common Sense Not Needed

Book Title: Common Sense Not Needed

Author: Corrie Ten Boom

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Corrie Ten Boom with Common Sense Not Needed

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Corrie Ten Boom is doubtless best known for her work among the Jews persecuted during World War II, but few know of her extensive work among the mentally handicapped.

This short book comes after five years spent working with arguably the most neglected group of people in the church today, but as she says in the introduction, do "they not need the Lord Jesus, just like you and I?"

Some may contend that this booklet is politically incorrect, but before we judge based on the era, let's not forget Ten Boom's heart and be gracious with anything that rubs us the wrong way. The most glaring example is the use of the word "retarded" instead of "mentally handicapped." Obviously, it is not meant as an insult in this work when read in context.

This edition includes an Active Table of Contents.